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Deirdre's 100 Things

Because I'm still waiting to post Peter's second 100 things (there's actually like...175...heh) I thought I'd post 100 things for the other characters involved in his adventures. And Deirdre Gallagher is the most important one of those since she came first!

100 Things About Deirdre-Rose Ionúin Gallagher

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A futureverse Index!

Peter future story, most if it is things that actually do happen in his future, as I know exactly what will happen to him! *cackles* Some of it is AU of course. Mostly meaning the fact that Deirdre's girlfriends, Renee and Kait would not actually be dead if this was canon. Enjoy! And remember, any questions or comments, please post them here, and not on the story posts! :X! I'm almost finished with his second "100 things about Peter Kemp" list. There's just a few things that have to be played out first ;)
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Part 1~A sad funeral

Part 2~Demon seeking solace

Part 3~Sleeping Arrangements

Part 4~Angel of 'music'

Part 5~Don't mess with Lydia O'Connor

Part 6~Demon Housemate

Part 7~Dr. Dickinson and the Knight's Templar

Part 8~A Family Gathering

Part 9~Let's Get it On... Part 9b~Or...not...

Part 10~Moving Right Along

Excerpt from Prolouge

The story of a man who lost his faith, and found the Truth...

Peter Kemp stared up at the gray farmhouse that blended in with the gray of the dawn. The red and blue lights from the police cars were casting eerie shadows everywhere, but Peter couldn't tear his eyes away from the second floor window. He could see people moving around inside, no doubt searching the crime scene carefully for clues. But Peter knew what happened.

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Peter and Katherine

The Katherine Saga, An Index of Manipulative Whorishness!

Chapter One~Peter meets Katherine

Chapter Two~Peter takes Katherine for a date

Chapter Three~Peter and Katherine do the Naughty (Locked until I can make it not suck. I cannot write porn.)

Chapter Four~Peter and his sister have a fight

Chapter Five~Katherine is incredibly drunk

Chapter Six~Peter and Katherine have a fight!

Chapter Seven~Peter and Katherine make up, and Katherine reveals a secret!

Chapter Eight~When Katherine said 'surprises', she wasn't lying.

Chapter Nine~Just say no, Peter. Just say no.

Chapter 10~ !!!New Today! Reconciliation
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