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Excerpt from Prolouge

The story of a man who lost his faith, and found the Truth...

Peter Kemp stared up at the gray farmhouse that blended in with the gray of the dawn. The red and blue lights from the police cars were casting eerie shadows everywhere, but Peter couldn't tear his eyes away from the second floor window. He could see people moving around inside, no doubt searching the crime scene carefully for clues. But Peter knew what happened.

They'd been called there to help. A family in their parish had approached Brother Peter Kemp and Brother Thomas Littleton because they'd heard that Peter and Thomas were the ones to see when there was something strange going on. They'd adopted a girl, and she was acting strangely. Sometimes dangerously. Her name was Svetlana. And Peter and Thomas had gladly gone to investigate. Thomas had been sure it was a case of spirit possession. He'd wanted to try an exorcism. Peter hadn't been so sure, but what Thomas wanted, Thomas got.

Svetlana hadn't even blinked when she'd snapped Thomas's neck. Peter had run forward and she'd thrown him away like he was as light as air. Peter could swear now, that her eyes had been black. The paramedics said it was because of his head injury.

Peter's eyes shifted from the window to the door as two men carried out a stretcher with a blanket covered body. His face immediately crumpled. "No." He said to himself. He watched as they loaded his best friend into an ambulance and drove off slowly. No rush. Thomas was dead. Peter covered his mouth as the first sob escaped it. He was immediately joined by another fellow monk, Brother Stuart.

"Peter. I came when I heard. Peter, we have to go."

"Stuart, he's..."

Stuart looked at the cold ground and sighed. "I know, Peter. But you're bleeding and I'd rather you not follow him?"

Peter reached up and his fingers brushed the side of his head. They came away wet and sticky with blood. "Oh." He allowed himself to be loaded into another ambulance, but he didn't say anything else. He didn't need to. He already knew. The girl that had killed Thomas wasn't human. Thomas was dead. And so was God.

And Peter wanted to follow them.
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